Divi Plugin Highlight – Page Builder Everywhere

Divi is an exceptionally easy to use page builder that lets you create page and post layouts with drag and drop modules. It’s ease of use has made people so passionate about it that they want to use it in every possible area of their website. That’s where the third party plugin we’re featuring in today’s Divi Plugin Highlight comes in.

Page Builder Everywhere adds the Divi Builder to areas it doesn’t normally work inside. It lets you use the builder on custom post types, category pages, search pages, archive pages, WooCommerce product pages, 404 pages, etc. You can even use it to create headers, footers, and sidebars.

For testing I created a simple blog in a grid layout with four posts. I want to expand this layout, but I’ll do it with the plugin. Images were taken from Unsplash.com.

Divi Layouts

The plugin uses your premade Divi layouts, so you’ll need to create them first. Go to Divi, Divi Library in the dashboard and select Add New to create your layouts. You can create the layouts using Module, Fullwidth Module, Row, Section, Fullwidth Section, Specialty Section, or Layout.

Any of the options will work. For more control of backgrounds and to be able to add multiple modules and columns, create your layouts using rows or sections rather than choosing module when you create them in the library. I mostly used rows for these examples.

Widget Areas

The plugin adds five new widget areas to Divi and allows you to place your layouts in those locations:

  • Above Header
  • Below Header
  • Footer
  • Above Content
  • Below Content

Once you’ve created the layout you want, drop the Divi Layout widget into the location you want it to appear and choose the layout from the drop-down box. If you haven’t created the layout you can click the link labeled Add more layouts to the Divi Library and it will take you to the library.

Conditional Logic

The widget lets you use conditional logic so you can decide when the layout appears. I selected Header with message and clicked Where. This brings up the conditional logic so you can choose whether to display or not, select the post type, and choose the result from drop-down boxes. You can add as many conditions as you want. They use OR logic, so it will display IF This = That OR this = That OR…

For example, you could display a module based on the post type, user, on specific pages, taxonomies, etc. This means you could create a layout that would only display a message if the user wasn’t logged in, or only on WooCommerce product pages. You can even use multi-layered logic to determine when to show a layout. Different sections can be shown for different categories. Different parts of your website can have their own menus.

Conditional logic is great if you want to show an opt-in form, message, or ad if the user isn’t logged in. Those that are logged in wouldn’t see the form, message, or ad. This allows you to control your sales-pitches. That one use alone can benefit a website enough to use the plugin. The possibilities are endless.

Page Builder Everywhere Examples

I created an example row that I wanted to move from one location to another. Let’s see how it looks in different areas of the page. I’ll add a few more examples as we go.

Above the Header

Here’s a sample row to show how it looks above the header. Notice the logo appears with the new row. This is on purpose and can easily be changed.

I created a layout with a text module and adjusted the font size, colors, and padding. It places the text above the menu using the same background as the header unless I custom style it. This one includes a button that can take the reader to a page, post, product, etc. This is a great way to create a CTA above the header.

Below Header

Below the header moves the row to the area below the menu. This content stays with the header, so if the header remains on screen when users scroll the content in this area will remain on screen as well. Just like above the header, this one uses the header’s color unless you style it yourself.

Here’s a row with two sections – a text module for a message and a social media follow module with one of every social network it includes. I styled the background of the row so it stands out just a little.

Of course this space can be used for anything that you want to have remain on screen including newsletter sign-up forms, contact information, operating hours, images, etc.

Above Content

In this example I’ve placed it on a regular blog post that isn’t using the Divi Builder. Any of the locations work with regular posts and pages. This is a great way to add Divi layouts and add modules to regular posts. Above the content scrolls with the content.

Below Content

This one places the module under the content and just above the footer. Unless you style it yourself it will take on the footer’s styling. It will scroll with the content, so if you’re using parallax it will stand apart from the footer.


Here’s a look at my layout within the footer. It can be styled separately from the footer and it scrolls with the footer so it will stand apart from the content if you’re using parallax.

WooCommerce Product Pages

For this example I’ve added two layouts. The first will go above the product and includes a text module and a video module.

The second layout will go below the product and includes a text module and a shop module.

I then placed the two widgets in their locations, chose the layout in the widgets, and set the condition to only show the layout on pages that use the Product post type.

The result is a product page with Divi layouts above and below the product.

404 Page

I created a layout to use as a 404 page.

I then placed the widget, selected the layout, and chose the conditions for it to display only on the 404 page. Notice the widgets of the Product pages are still in place. The conditions keep them from showing where I don’t want them to.

This is a great way to create 404 pages using the Divi Builder.

Page Builder Everywhere Customizer

A new customizer called PBE Customizer is added to the drop-down menu on the front end and within the Theme Customizer menu. It includes sections for:

  • Main Header
  • Above Header
  • Footer

Here’s a look at each one.

Main Header

As you can see in the example for above the header, the logo overlaps the sections of above the header and the header. You can keep this from overlapping and leave the logo in its original location by selecting Stop Logo Overlapping Section Above Header.

Choose Remove Default Main Header to hide the original header. The features for the main header work for both above and below the header areas.

Above Header

Above Header allows you to hide the content above the header when the reader scrolls.


Selecting Hide Bottom Footer turns off the original footer. In this example I didn’t style the module so it takes on the styling around it. Here it’s placed over the background image.

Price and Documentation

Page Builder Everywhere costs $14. The sales page includes instructions and an FAQ to help you get started.

Final Thoughts

Page Builder Everywhere is an easy plugin to use. It gives you five new locations to add Divi layouts plus you can add them to specific post types, categories, authors, dates, taxonomies, and more and create multiple conditions. You can even display or hide them based on whether or not the user is logged in. The plugin might conflict with Divi Widget Builder, but you won’t need that plugin if you’re using Page Builder Everywhere.

We want to hear from you. Have you tried Page Builder Everywhere? Let us know about your experience in the comments below!

Featured Image via Sentavio / shutterstock.com

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20+ Best vCard WordPress Themes for Creating an Online Resume in 2017

This is a handpicked list of the best vCard WordPress themes for 2017. Some of these themes contain similar design elements (parallax sections, CSS3 animations, resume pages), but they all have their own benefits and individual cool features. This is an eclectic mix of themes today, so hopefully you can find something that fits the style you are looking for.

Criteria for the Best vCard WordPress Themes

How did we figure out exactly which themes belong on our list?

  1. First, we make sure that the theme adheres to the WordPress coding standards.
  2. The design needed to be elegant and generally visually appealing.
  3. Next, we look for good feedback and customer support.
  4. After that, we check to see if the theme has all the essentials needed for an online vCard. This includes contact info, sections or pages for a resume/CV, about me, a map, and portfolio.

All of the themes on this list of the best vCard themes have the characteristics of any solid WordPress theme. They are easy to setup, easy to manage, and 100% responsive. Let’s get started:

1. UREKA – Responsive Vcard WordPress ThemeUREKA

Ureka is a simple, yet robust vCard theme. The design itself takes elements from flat design as well as material design conventions. This gives it a fresh, modern style. It’s a great theme for any creative professional.


  • Left sidebar menu
  • Trendy, polished design
  • Portfolio
  • Drag and drop page builder

Price: $44 | More Information

2. Resume – Creative CV WordPress ThemeResume

Resume comes from the people at TeslaThemes. It’s a great portfolio for designers, photographers, artists, and more. The full width demo content looks beautiful on mobile devices. Resume has multiple portfolio layouts – including columns, masonry, and mosaic.


  • 2 layouts to choose from
  • Slider plugin included
  • Parallax backgrounds

Price: $48 | More Information

3. Divergent – Personal Vcard Resume WordPress ThemeDivergent

Divergent is an extremely clean theme. The demo content shows just how well this theme works for a serious web designer and developer. It contains a left sidebar menu, with icons as well as a hidden hamburger menu. Additionally, Divergent scores points for good user experience. Browsing it is intuitive and fun.


  • Left icon navigation
  • Hidden sidebar menu
  • 50/50 page layout

Price: $49 | More Information

4. vCard Responsive WordPress ThemevCard

vCard Responsive WordPress theme is simple, and beautiful. The demo shows an example of an online vCard with a light skin, handmade fonts in the section titles and clean design. These elements make it perfect for freelancers.


  • 14 backgrounds and 14 colors
  • Dark or light skins
  • Sections for profile, resume, portfolio, and contact info

Price: $44 | More Information

5. Burst – A Bold and Vibrant WordPress ThemeBurst

Burst is a good choice for creative types who like to show off bold images. It also comes with lots of demo content. Checkout the link below to see a beautiful WordPress site for a design studio. Burst has the capability to do much more than a vCard theme. If you are looking for a theme to help you create something unique, Burst may be for you.


  • Endless layout possibilities
  • Custom Google Map
  • 80+ custom shortcodes
  • Easy to customize

Price: $59 | More Information

6. Cascade – Personal vCard WordPress ThemeCascade

Cascade uses colorful interactive tabs to display the content of your website. Never underestimate the power of simplicity. This minimalistic vCard theme is well-organized and concise. It’s one of the best vCard WordPress themes for any sort of professional.


  • Light or dark skin
  • Unlimited tabs
  • 8 tab colors
  • 10 tab icons
  • Google Map shortcode

Price: $35 | More Information

7. Empathy – A VCard ThemeEmpathy

Empathy is one of the best vCard themes because of it’s effectiveness. It works like a one page site, and features interesting page transition animations.


  • Video background
  • 67 page transition animations
  • Filtered portfolio
  • Custom widgets

Price: $29More Information

8. Identity – Personal vCard CV Portfolio WP ThemeIdentity

Show your potential employers who you are with Identity, a theme geared toward creative professionals. The demo shows a beautiful one-page theme with a sections for: an image slider, about, portfolio, resume, contact form, and more.


  • Includes 2 slider plugins
  • HTML files included
  • Visual page builder included

Price: $44 | More Information

9. Resume, CV & vCard ThemeResume, CV, vCard theme

Okay, we can all agree that the name isn’t the most creative on the list. But this theme is a beauty. It’s capable of producing a great vCard website for any niche. There are currently 4 demos: IT Professional, Medicine, Show Business Professional, and Student.


  • Visual page builder
  • Based on material design
  • 15+ sections (calendar, pricing table, portfolio etc.)
  • Custom color schemes

Price: $49 | More Information

10. uCard – A vCard ThemeuCard

What makes uCard one of the best vCard WordPress themes? One look at the demo content will explain it. uCard has an interesting layout that works well on mobile devices. The stylish in page, out page animation effects will definitely impress a would-be client.


  • Minimalist design
  • Slick animation
  • 10+ design layouts

Price: $29 | More Information

11. Who I am – Personal Resume and Portfolio ThemeWho I Am

Variation of section grids, full width parallax sections, and readable type help make Who Am I one of the best vCard WordPress themes. Additionally, the admin panel provides you with plenty of options – making it easy to customize.


  • Revolution Slider plugin included
  • Free installation
  • Parallax background Video background

Price: $44 | More Information

12. BusinessCard WordPress ThemeBusinessCard

Elegant Themes BusinessCard is all business. This one page theme is about as accessible as it gets. All of the information your visitors are looking for is a few milliseconds away. You won’t find many themes like it. This is great for the minimalist, or someone who likes to let their reputation speak for itself.


  • 5 color schemes
  • jQuery powered
  • Extremely minimal
  • Easy to setup

Price: $89 with Elegant Themes annual membership | More Information

13. UberUber

Uber is a theme for freelancers designers, photographers, or designers. The homepage has an option for a fixed, full screen background that synchronizes with a slideshow. This theme is ideal for anyone who wants to showcase a refined sensibility.


  • Homepage Slider
  • Portfolios with filtering animation
  • Powerful theme options

Price: $49 | More Information

14. Uncode – Creative vCard encode

Uncode is a mega theme that you can build any type of website you want with. If you like to have options, Uncode delivers. But, you don’t have to think too hard if you don’t want to. They have plenty of downloadable demos.


  • Powerful admin panel
  • Tons of options
  • 6+ menu types
  • Multiple vCard demos
  • Enhanced media library

Price: $59 | More Information

15. WordPress Resume Theme – SquarerootSquareroot

Here is an impressive one page theme that features plenty of fullwidth parallax sections. It comes with a hidden flyout menu, so your visitors can jump from section to section. Squareroot is a clean-cut theme would make a great site for a web developer.


  • 4 homepage layouts
  • 3 nav menu styles
  • Parallax sections

Price: $44 | More Information

16. Moje – vCard Bootstrap Responsive WordPress ThemeMoje

Moje is a flexible theme that gives you the option to build anything from a minimal vCard, to a full-blown website with a blog. This is another one page site with a left sidebar nav menu, and smooth scroll.


  • PSD files included
  • Multiple color options
  • Custom shortcodes for resumes
  • Free installation

Price: $39 | More Information

17. Syntac -Wordpress Premium Personal PortfolioSyntac

Syntac is easy to use, and stunning. The entire design has a nice balance and sense of spacing. It feels pixel perfect. This site would work for a number of different resumes or portfolios.


  • CSS3 animations
  • Flat design
  • Easy to fill out forms for resume fields
  • Twitter feed

Price: $39 | More Information

18. My Cv – Responsive And Retina WordPress themeMy Cv

Here’s a simple, yet elegant theme built with Bootstrap. It comes in two flavors: light or dark. Check out the demo to see how well the design plays out. You will see a variety of elements are neatly organized into digestible sections.


  • Light or dark color scheme
  • Modern design
  • Flexible theme options

Price: $39 | More Information

19. CeeVee – Responsive CV Resume WordPress ThemeCeeVee

CeeVee is a good choice if you are looking to stand out. This interesting theme is colorful, and it has some stunning animation. This bright theme has it all: graphics, animation, good typography, and a cool full screen pop out menu.


  • Stunning, unique design
  • Hidden fullscreen pop up menu
  • Sections for about, portfolio, resume, contact, blog and more.

Price: $39 | More Information

20. Bionick | Personal Portfolio WordPress ThemeBoinick

Bionick is a personal portfolio theme with big city style. It gives you lots of options including 4 portfolio styles, 4 page layouts, and 3 blog layouts. It’s simple, clean, and it reads like a magazine.


  • Video background
  • Slider Homepage with smooth sections
  • 4 demos with different homepage (Slider, Slideshow, Image, and Video)

Price: $49 | More Information

21. ME – Multipurpose Resume & One Page PortfolioME

This is yet another full width theme with parallax sections, but like all the other themes on this list of best vCard WordPress themes – ME has got its own style. ME gives you lots of room to play with a powerful set of admin options.


  • Timeline
  • Lots of theme options
  • 2 demo styles
  • 10 skin colors

Price: $44 | More Information

22. Vertica – WP Resume / CV & PortfolioVertical

Vertica is a beautiful resume theme that has some fun animation. All of the content is offset slightly to the right. This subtle choice makes a big difference in readability, and user experience. Vertica is full of surprises like that.


  • Balanced overall design
  • Hidden flyout menu in left sidebar
  • Custom background image
  • Interactive animation

Price: $39 | More Information

23. ShiftCV – Blog Resume Portfolio WordPressShiftCV

Shift has a beautiful flat design, and uses bold bright colors with restraint. This one page style theme has tab sections that visitors can open with a click. It makes it easy for people to learn about you, and download your resume.


  • Widgets for graphic display
  • Light or dark version
  • Page templates for print page, resume, blog, and blog author

Price: $29 | More Information

For Elegant Themes Members

An Elegant Themes membership grants you access to all of our themes and plugins. In addition to future updates, 80+ themes, and premium support – you also get access to freebies. As always, there are some special goodies available free for our members. Read on to learn more.


Divi is the ultimate WordPress theme and page builder, and our most powerful theme. It’s lightweight, versatile, and it includes the Divi Builder. Divi is packed with tools to enhance the design process – making it easy to create, modify, and maintain beautiful WordPress websites.


  • Powerful drag & drop visual page builder
  • See changes in real-time
  • 40+ content elements (media gallery, portfolio, button, etc.)
  • Tons of premade layouts (see below)

Download Info

C/V Resume Pack

On day 63 of the Divi 100 Marathon we released an awesome CV/Resume Page Layout Pack with 3 ready-made resume pages. These layouts are a great addition to any website. They also work well as standalone online resumes. Use them as is and add you own content, or modify them as you see fit.

Download Info

Wrapping Up

We hope you found something you liked in this group of the best vCard WordPress themes.

Let us know if you think there are any themes that deserve to be mentioned here. Also feel free to share your experiences with any of these themes in the comments section below.

Article thumbnail image by Abscent / shutterstock.com 

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6 Jaw-Dropping Ways to Increase Conversion Rates with Influencers

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For our eleventh security review of a plugin based on the voting of our customers, we reviewed the plugin WP-SpamShield.

If you are not yet a customer of the service you can currently try it free for your first month and then start suggesting and voting on plugins to get security reviews after your first payment for the service. For those already

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