ATypical on Netflix raises awareness of #autism

I am excited to watch the show ATypical,  and a little apprehensive too,  I found a post on Google+ about it:

I’m autistic: This is what #Atypical on Netflix gets right about #autism #AutismAwareness

Discussing it in a group I go to I was told and not sure if its true, that there were no Autism professionals hired to consult on the show,  I wonder if its more autobiographical,  is the writer or producer on the spectrum???  From what I have been told it sounds like they have hit the mark and my belief that I am on the spectrum but un-diagnosed and having a 6 year old on the spectrum and my sire working with someone on the spectrum in his 20’s I am interested to see what they get right in my eyes,  what mirrors my growing up.  What my son may have in store for him.   My wife’s work uses the term Peoples with Diverse Abilities and this really hits the spectrum and all the types of people on it accurately.  I may think Netflix misses the mark due to my observations and experiences but someone else with experience of someone on the spectrum who is high functioning may think they nailed it!!

I’m going to watch it with an open mind and a box of tissues!

Another show we began to watch was The A  Word and it was a British 6 part mini series and aired on CBC here in Canada,  we began watching it and it hit close to home and cause anger from us as parents at the denial showed by the parents in the show,  we have not gone back to it but probably will.