Why would I not want to play this with my 6 year old son who is a youtube addict and has a channel at SpectrumGamer, we have watched DanTDM play it, FamilyGamerTV play it (Hilariously!!) and so we downloaded it, installed it and ran the Unreal icon for the game.

Cannot find X3DAudio1.7.dll !!

I read the forums and lots of people were having issues, Im running windows10 and ran DXDiag and I had directX 12.

After finding no solutions and not wanting to download an untrusted DLL from a random site I went with a dunch, DLL’s dont change much so I did a search on my PC for x3daudio and in system32 found x3daudio1_6.dll. I right clicked it, copied and pasted and renamed the copy to x3daudio1_7.dll

Moment of truth, ran the game and worked perfectly, no errors. Not sure why I didnt have it but V1.6 seems to be 100% compatible with Hello Neighbour.

Sadly, my PC sucks so bad it wont play unless I reduce all the settings so feel free if I helped you to send me a paypal donation to robtinbc@gmail.com so I can put it towards a graphics card!