Thinking about rockets as bullets.  A gun barrel is designed to spin a bullet as its more accurate then in it was just fired out.  Wondering about the concept of spinning a rocket,  does it make it more efficient as it travels to spin a bullet and ergo would it be better to spin a rocket?

Spinning a rocket would not be good for the crew but I was thinking conceptually,  not thinking of the engineering behind it all.  How about spinning the outside of the rocket but maintaining a stable crew compartment that did not spin.  Probably some kind of gyroscopic crew compartment to maintain its stability would work.

I Googled spinning rockets and found a PDF which talked about why spinning rockets fly straighter,  the image on the front made be think,  the tail fins in that are shown on that rocket would be inefficient and cause resistance in a spinning rocket and would have to be angled to match the rate of spin.  Possibly adjustable fins on a rocket could be used to adjust rate of spin much like flaps are used in a plane.