Microsoft’s new direction with Win10 rubbed many the wrong way,  switching to a Mac can be costly and Ubuntu or Linux might not run what you need easily so you feel stuck,  well you should not,  there are some tools now that will give you back your Windows OS without feeling your being watched.

I personally have used Win10Privacy.

Download W10Privacy

The by default highly questionable set options concerning privacy and data protection in Windows 10 caused the developer of W10Privacy to go into action and development this little program. Microsoft generously enables everybody to change the concerning settings, but hides them in countless menus, where a normal user does not want to search for!

The program should, therefore, be a help to display the available settings relatively clearly and to set the desired options if necessary.

The primary focus is on settings for Windows 10 and its apps (for example the new browser “Edge”). The program will be expanded gradually, if possible and available, with the corresponding Windows 8.1 features in the future.

Here is a YouTube guide on the application…: