Parallax Theme Update: New Header Designs!

parallax header design

Introducing 8 new header designs in our popular Parallax theme! Similar to the Ultra & Shoppe theme, the latest Parallax update offers new header layouts which can be applied site wide or on a per-page basis. With this new feature, you can now create different page layouts with different header types. This is perfect when you’re looking to create a landing page, a unique portfolio/blog page, or to even freshen up your existing site. Parallax is a leading web design trend that adds another dimension for the reader, giving any website an appealing modern edge.

We’ve updated our demo to showcase these new header designs. Click on any of the sample links below to view.

Parallax Theme Header Designs:

  • Horizontal header design
    Header Horizontal
  • Boxed Layout header design
    Header Boxed Layout
  • Left Pane header design
    Header Left Pane
  • Right Pane header design
    Header Right Pane
  • Min Bar header design
    Header Min Bar
  • Slide Out header design
    Header Slide Out
  • Boxed Compact header design
    Header Boxed Compact
  • Overlay header design
    Header Overlay

Demo Buy Parallax

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Themify Summer Sale!

Summer Sale

Take advantage of your summer travels and the slower pace of things. Launch that travel, food, or fashion blog. Take the time to reengage your customers with a new online look. Or perhaps your photography website needs a modern lift?

Well you can do it all with our 30% OFF Summer Sale! Now, for a limited time, take 30% OFF all items (excluding Lifetime Club) to create your new website today. And for those forward-thinkers who like to have it all, you can now get $100 OFF on the Lifetime Club membership (Reg. $349). See below for all promo codes and getting swimming in our deals upon deals!

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For more information click here for themes and here for memberships.

The Summer Sale runs from July 14 to July 24, 2017.

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How to Design a Custom Header with the Themify Builder

featured image

Take full creative control with your site using Themify Builder – starting with your header! We understand the need to create unique sites that showcase your brand. Whether it’s with the post/page layouts, color scheme, or even the fonts used – every little detail counts when making your site stand-out from the competition. Which is why we’ve created this tutorial to showcase how you can create your own custom header design using the Themify Builder.

Note: This tutorial is only applicable with the Ultra or Shoppe theme.

5 Free Header Designs

We wanted to get you started right away, so in addition to the tutorial, as a special treat, we’ve created 5 free header designs that you can import. You can view and download these demo layouts below.


  • Ultra or Shoppe theme activated on user site

Now let’s get started!

Step 1:

  • Go to your Themify theme > Builder Layout Part
  • Create a new Builder Layout Part or download one of our free header design here
  • Copy the layout part shortcode

step 1

Step 2:

  • Go to your Themify Settings > Theme Settings >Theme Appearance
  • Select “No Header”

step 2

Step 3:

  • Go to your Themify Settings > Hook Content
  • Add a new hook content in “body_start”
  • Insert the layout part shortcode (the header layout created in step 1). This will insert the header layout part in the header area.
    • Optional: Add a condition to set which page you would like to use this header only. You can do this by clicking the “+condition” option.

step 3

That’s it! 3 simple steps to create your own custom header!

Step 4 (Optional): Sticky Header

You can also make your header design sticky by adding CSS class “sticky-header” on the row options. The row that you add this CSS class too will only appear when you scroll through your site. Recommended way to add this:

  1. Go to Themify > Settings > General, add the following code in Header Code:
  2. Edit the Builder layout part
  3. Create a new sticky header row and add "sticky-header" on the Additional CSS Class field

Optional step 4

Free Header Designs

You can import these header designs by clicking on the Import icon and select "Import from File" (screenshot)

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Framework Update: Prototype Builder Layouts Faster with Pre-designed Rows!

gif image of the new predesigned rows

It’s an exciting time to be using Themify! We’re making it easier and faster than ever to build layouts with the new pre-designed rows feature. Now you can easily drag-and-drop a pre-designed row on any page you’re building, just like a module. This means that you can easily place a testimonials feature, a FAQs segment, or a features banner on any page of your website with just a few clicks!

This will instantly build the row for you with an image background, modules, and demo content. Each is responsive and beautifully designed for any type of site. It’s all categorized with a preview image to make it easier for you to filter through each and find what you need. We’ve created 34 pre-designed rows for the initial release and we will adding more periodically, so stay tuned for that!

We have 7 categories and below is an example of each category:

  • Call To Action Row
    Call To Action
  • FAQs Row
  • Features Row
  • Hero Banner Row
    Hero Banners
  • Services Row
  • Sliders Row
  • Testimonial Row

New Module Panel

new module panel

We’ve also added a new module dropdown panel that appears at the end of each row. You’ll notice that whenever you hover on a row, a purple “+” icon will appear. When you click the “+” button, a module panel will appear which gives you quick access to add modules and pre-designed rows. Now you can easily drag and drop a module faster without having to move your cursor back to the left panel. Update to the latest version now and let us know what you think about the new features in this post’s comments! Looking forward to hearing from you all.

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New Free Stuff Blog Series: Free Form Designs + Contact Builder Addon

We’re releasing a new blog series called “Free Stuff”! As the title suggests, we’re giving away free stuff for you to download. This could be designs that our team created to share with all of you, or a plugin/theme that we’re giving away for a limited time. Each time we publish a post for this series, we’re giving something away completely free! So make sure to sign-up for our newsletter, or follow us on our social links to get the latest freebies, as some are only available for a limited time.

Free Contact Form Designs + Contact Builder Addon!

To kick off this series, we’re giving away 5 cool new contact form designs to spice up how your users contact you! All these designs were built using our Builder Contact add-on, which means you’ll need it in order to copy the design. With that said, in addition to these designs we’re also giving away one week of free access to our Contact Builder addon!

Offer ends on June 27, 2017

Get Contact For Free

Import Data Tutorial


  1. Builder plugin or Themify theme installed and activated on your site
  2. Contact Builder add-on installed and activated

You can import the free Contact Form design on any Builder row on your site. Follow the steps below to do this:

Step 1:

  • Click on the download link
  • Copy the import data code

Step 2:

  • Go to the page where you would like to insert the contact form
  • Turn on Builder

Step 3:

  • Hover cursor on the row import icon
  • Paste the code on the Row Data field (screenshot)
  • Click “Save”

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