Free high-quality images aren’t always easy to find, especially with so many poor stock photography websites out there. Whether you have a blog or design websites for clients, finding unique, free high-quality images can make your website content more appealing to visitors.

10 Great Places to Find Free High-Quality Images

We’ve created a list of some great websites where you can find free high-quality images to use on your sites. Bookmark these sites so you can reference them anytime you need new images.

1.)  Death to Stock Photo

Free High-Quality Images

Death to Stock Photo provides many different options when it comes to free high-quality images.  Their packages include everything from people and places to motorcycles.  Another great thing about Death to Stock Photo is that their images are provided by many different photographers, giving you more photos from many different perspectives.

Note:  Death to Stock Photo (and many other stock photo sites) offers both a free and a paid option.

2.)  Gratisography


Gratisography has a huge variety of photos available for free use from your typical scenic images to … less common items that you might need for that niche site you’re working on.  New photos are added weekly.  Whatever type of site you’re working on, the images you find on Gratisography are all high resolution and really unique.

3.)  Public Domain Archive

Public Domain Archive

The Public Domain Archive is a site run by a web designer and photographer who has run into the same issues many web designers have – where do I find free public domain images?  For this reason, he created his public domain archive site  where he curates public domain images so that web designers would have one source they can go to in order to find the images they need.  He searches the web for public domain images and adds new ones to the site every week.

4.)  Picography


Like the Death to Stock photo site, Picography has multiple photographers who submit images to their site, which you can download for free.  If you’re a photographer yourself, you can even submit your own photos to Picography.

5.)  Unsplash


Unsplash provides you with free high-quality images and with many different ways to search through the photos.  You can search through a page of individual images or you can also search by collections, giving you access to many images of the same theme.  Like Picography, you can also submit your own photos there as well.

6.)  Pixabay

Pixabay is another great source for free high-quality images.  While they have many images, like the other sites, they also have illustrations, vector graphics and videos, giving you even more options to fill in your content.

7.)  Life of Pix

Life of Pix

Life of Pix is an excellent source for free high-resolution images.  They also have a sister site, Life of Vid, where you can access free videos for your content as well.  Again, they have the option for you to submit your own photos too.

Also: Bonus points to Life of Vid for being a WordPress site!

8.)  Lock and Stock Photos

Lock and Stock Photos

The images on Lock and Stock Photos are all created by photographer AJ Montpetit.  Montpetit has a great variety of images for use as dummy content until you get content from your client but also would make great permanent content as well.

Plus, this is another WordPress site, which we always love to see and support.

9.)  New Old Stock

New Old Stock

Cole Townsend’s New Old Stock site specializes in retro images that have no known copyright attached to them.  If you need images from the past, this site is an excellent source.

Note:  While these images are older and most likely do not have a copyright associated with them, the site owner does recommend that you double check with the source of the image to be sure that is the case.

10.)  FoodiesFeed


The FoodiesFeed site is a great source for free high-quality images specific to your food site needs.  They have beautiful images of many different types of foods and restaurant scenes.

More Tips for Finding Free High-Quality Images

When looking for images to use in your content, free sites like the ones listed are a great resource.  While none of the websites we listed for you (with the possible exception of New Old stock), the images are not only free but also do not require any sort of attribute.

Check photo attribution rules before adding images to your site.

Sometimes you’ll find images that, while free, require you to give credit for the image to the site or photographer. Be sure to check and see if this is the case before adding any images to your sites.

If your image does require an attribute, this can usually be accomplished by simply adding the information to the caption for the image.

These sites are great for finding dummy images for your client sites, but they’re also good for you to use when blogging on your own site. You should try to include at least one image in every blog post that you create.

People are very visual. Images and video are more popular and easier than ever. You can make your blog posts more appealing and sharable by adding pictures and video.

– from Blogging Isn’t Dead: Discovering (or Rediscovering) the Power of Blogging

Adding Images to Your WordPress Site

WordPress makes it very easy for you to add images to your content.  If, however, you are new to WordPress and need some extra details on how to do this, you can check out these tutorials for more detail:

Know of any other sites where people can find great high-quality images like these?  Let us know in the comments below.

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