WooCommerce comes loaded with functionality, but there are some things it could do a bit better, and that’s where WooCommerce extensions come in. Once you install WooCommerce on your website, you might have some more advanced needs not handled by WooCommerce out-of-the box.

What are WooCommerce Extensions?

WooCommerce extensions are WordPress plugins that add additional features to WooCommerce’s default functionality, extending what’s possible with WooCommerce.

Since WooCommerce now powers over 52% of e-commerce stores, the complex (and sometimes custom) needs of millions of e-commerce sites can be met with WooCommerce extensions.

18 Best WooCommerce Extensions

We’ve compiled this list of the 18 best WooCommerce extensions, curated by iThemes’ own Marcel Schmitz. Marcel is a veteran WordPress developer and has specialized in high-end e-commerce websites built with WooCommerce, so he has experience finding the best WooCommerce extensions. Marcel is also leading up the HelloSales team, a new advanced WooCommerce reporting plugin.

Take a look at each of these WooCommerce extensions to see how you can enhance your own WordPress e-commerce store!

Importing and Exporting

WooCommerce allows you to import products into WooCommerce from a CSV file, but the process leaves some things to be desired.

1. WP All Import

The WP All Import extension makes the WooCommerce importing and exporting process much easier. It allows you to convert currencies, import large files and images, and even includes drag and drop from your XML or CSV file right into your WooCommerce product screen.

WooCommerce Extensions

WooCommerce Bulk Editing

Bulk editing in WooCommerce is limited, so you can add a WooCommerce extension that expands bulk editing capabilities.

2. Advanced Bulk Edit

The WooCommerce Advanced Bulk Edit extension will allow you to filter products, create new categories, replace text, generate sales prices from original, and much, much more.

Advanced Bulk Editing Screenshot

WooCommerce Multi-Currency

You may wish to offer different currencies for your WooCommerce store, but WooCommerce only allows one base currency.

3. WooCommerce Multi Currency Store

The WooCommerce Multi Currency Store extension will fix WooCommerce’s limited base currency issue. You can automatically display pricing in your customer’s local currency, and convert exchange rates on the fly.

WooCommerce Multicurrency Screenshot

 WooCommerce Analytics

If you’ve used WooCommerce at all, you’ve probably already taken a look at the default reporting. If you want even more in-depth insights and data, you’ll need a WooCommerce extension.

4. Google Analytics for WordPress

With the Google Analytics for WordPress extension, you can get more in-depth reporting, including real-time data, page-level analytics, referral tracking, and lots more.

monster insights screenshot

WooCommerce Booking System

Some WooCommerce shops require booking functionality, something WooCommerce by default can’t handle.

5. Pinpoint Booking System WordPress Plugin

If you want to use WooCommerce to handle rentals or appointment bookings, you’ll want the Pinpoint Booking System WordPress Plugin extension. With both free and Pro versions available, your customers will be able to “Book anything, anytime, anywhere.”

pinpoint booking screenshot

WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing

Dynamic pricing is another highly-requested need of some WooCommerce websites. Out-of-the-box, WooCommerce can’t handle complex pricing (such as conditional cart discounts, customer loyalty discounts, BOGO promotions, etc.)

6. WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing and Discounts

With the WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing & Discounts extension, you can offer wholesale and retail pricing, bundle products into buy-one-get-one deals, offer flash sales, create reward programs … just about any way you’d like to create a promotion, deal, or bundle is available within this extension. Take your e-commerce site from a shop to a full-fledged store, and encourage customer loyalty, all at the same time!

Dynamic Pricing Extension

WooCommerce Shipping

If you’re looking to extend the built-in WooCommerce shipping options, there are two great WooCommerce extensions to choose from.

7. Table Rate Shipping

Built by the WooCommerce team, the Table-Rate Shipping extension offers flexibility in defining shipping zones, setting shipping rates based on weight, class, quantity, and much, much more.

table rate shipping woocommerce

8. WooCommerce Advanced Fees

If you’d like access to the powerful WooCommerce Fees API, you’ll want the WooCommerce Advanced Fees extension. With it, you can manage complex fee rules assisted by WooCommerce Advanced Fees, rather than hiring a developer.

woocommerce advanced fees

WooCommerce Payment Gateway Extensions

While WooCommerce includes support for PayPal and Stripe for free, there are many other payment gateway extensions available; over a hundred, in fact.

9. Payment Gateway Extensions for WooCommerce

Looking for a country-specific gateway? Need to integrate with a brick and mortar POS system? Check out the WooCommerce payment gateway extensions available from WooCommerce. You can use these to integrate the payment gateway of your choice with your e-commerce store, and get selling.

woocommerce payment gateways

WooCommerce VAT

10. WooCommerce EU VAT Assistant

Oh, taxes … unless you’re an accountant, it can be hard to keep up with the differing tax rates and regulations for selling to or from the EU.

The WooCommerce EU VAT Assistant extension makes that process easier, giving you the information you need to file the proper VAT/MOSS reports and stay compliant.

woocommerce VAT

Multiple Warehouses for WooCommerce

Do you have stock or inventory in various locations? Do you drop-ship from different warehouses? If so, you’ll need a WooCommerce warehouse extension.

11. WooCommerce Warehouses

The WooCommerce Warehouses extension will help manage your inventory levels, so you’ll have an accurate accounting of stock on hand in various warehouses. You can even set up warehouses as delivery points for in-warehouse pickup!

woocommerce warehouses

WooCommerce Membership Extensions

Membership websites have increased in popularity because you can provide a unique experience for your customers in the way they access products or content. With a WooCommerce membership extension, you can add WooCommerce membership functionality to your WordPress site.

12. WooCommerce Membership

The WooCommerce Memberships extension allows you to turn your WooCommerce website into a membership site, along with a variety of other options.

woocommerce memberships

13. Restrict Content Pro

If you need to restrict who can view and purchase certain products, then Restrict Content Pro is another great option. With it, you can easily integrate content protection into your WooCommerce store.

restrict content pro

Store Credit

If you need to offer “store credit” functionality for your customers, you’ll need a WooCommerce extension.

14. WooCommerce Store Credit

From the ninjas at WooCommerce themselves comes the WooCommerce Store Credit extension to offer store credit, allowing your customers to use credit vouchers for multiple purchases, or to apply them toward a single purchase.

woocommerce store credit

Location-Based Pricing

While WooCommerce has some fantastic geolocation built in, it’s harder to serve a different price based on that to your customers.

15. WooCommerce PBC

The WooCommerce PBC extension makes location-based pricing a breeze, allowing you to have an international store, and display a different price based on the user’s detected country.

woocommerce location-based pricing

Bonus: WooCommerce Marketing Automation & Email Marketing Integration

Marketing automation and list integration are crucial parts of any e-commerce store. Here are three different WooCommerce extensions that offer integration options for your WooCommerce store.

16. MailChimp

The MailChimp integration extension allows you to integrate your WooCommerce shop with your MailChimp account.

woocommerce mailchimp

17. Campaign Monitor

If you’re a Campign Monitor user, you can integrate your WooCommerce shop with the Campaign Monitor WooCommerce extension.

woocommerce campaign monitor

18. ActiveCampaign

Integrate WooCommerce with ActiveCampaign with the WooCommerce ActiveCampaign extension.

woocommerce activecampaign

Happy Selling with WooCommere Extensions

Hopefully, you’ll find one or more of these WooCommerce extensions and plugins useful in your e-commerce store. Happy Selling!

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