Keeping in touch with clients is a pretty basic task for freelancers. Unfortunately, client communication is also where many freelancers fail.

Projects may take a while or get stalled out, and it’s easy to go silent as you work through it and forget to keep your client informed. That’s asking for trouble.

“Going silent is one of the worst things a freelancer can do. When there is no communication, clients will make assumptions and they tend to assume the worst.” –Nathan Ingram

That’s where a simple email once a week can make vast difference.

Nathan advocates sending a three-sentence email every Friday explaining where the project is at:

“This is what we did this week (past). This is where things are (present). This is what’s next (future).”

It’s that easy.

Watch the Video

Nathan Ingram explains the three-sentence email in a recent Terrible Client Protection Plan webinar (skip ahead to 21:54).

“A simple update email once a week can go a long way to providing an excellent experience for your client.” –Nathan Ingram

Manage Expectations

This is a simple way to build rapport with your clients and keep them updated. Knowing that progress is being made will fill them with confidence. It shows the value of their investment and will help make sure they’re responsive whenever you ask for something. Good client communication is a key part of managing expectations and makes for smooth projects.

That kind of stellar experience will lead to referrals and recurring business.

Watch Nathan Ingram’s Terrible Client Protection Plan webinar to see the entire presentation. Read our interview with Nathan Ingram to learn more about freelance processes.

Remember that keeping clients in the loop is just one step to good client communication:

“If freelancing is always and forever about people (and it is) then good communication is imperative.”

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