Never underestimate the power of motivation. Gold stars worked in kindergarten. And we still hand out stickers on election day. So you should likewise reward your freelance achievements with an appropriate sticker. Of course we can get a lot more specific than a gold star.

freelance stickers

Image credit: The New Yorker

The New Yorker recently offered up these freelance achievement stickers, including the delightfully honest:

  • Talked to someone in person today
  • Put on pants
  • I followed up

And perhaps the most important sticker:

  • Got paid!

We freelancers may work in our pajamas, but we still get it done.

Take Care of Yourself

Whether it’s a sticker or something more consequential, find rewards that make you happy (and remember, spending money doesn’t always make you happy).

As a freelancer, you need to take care of yourself. No one else will do it. So make it a priority. We recently talked to a number of freelancers about how they do self-care:

“We have to reward ourselves once in a while. It’s easy to feel guilty for doing this, but if you never reward yourself, you’ll burn out.” –Patrick Neve

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