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Take full creative control with your site using Themify Builder – starting with your header! We understand the need to create unique sites that showcase your brand. Whether it’s with the post/page layouts, color scheme, or even the fonts used – every little detail counts when making your site stand-out from the competition. Which is why we’ve created this tutorial to showcase how you can create your own custom header design using the Themify Builder.

Note: This tutorial is only applicable with the Ultra or Shoppe theme.

5 Free Header Designs

We wanted to get you started right away, so in addition to the tutorial, as a special treat, we’ve created 5 free header designs that you can import. You can view and download these demo layouts below.


  • Ultra or Shoppe theme activated on user site

Now let’s get started!

Step 1:

  • Go to your Themify theme > Builder Layout Part
  • Create a new Builder Layout Part or download one of our free header design here
  • Copy the layout part shortcode

step 1

Step 2:

  • Go to your Themify Settings > Theme Settings >Theme Appearance
  • Select “No Header”

step 2

Step 3:

  • Go to your Themify Settings > Hook Content
  • Add a new hook content in “body_start”
  • Insert the layout part shortcode (the header layout created in step 1). This will insert the header layout part in the header area.
    • Optional: Add a condition to set which page you would like to use this header only. You can do this by clicking the “+condition” option.

step 3

That’s it! 3 simple steps to create your own custom header!

Step 4 (Optional): Sticky Header

You can also make your header design sticky by adding CSS class “sticky-header” on the row options. The row that you add this CSS class too will only appear when you scroll through your site. Recommended way to add this:

  1. Go to Themify > Settings > General, add the following code in Header Code:
  2. Edit the Builder layout part
  3. Create a new sticky header row and add "sticky-header" on the Additional CSS Class field

Optional step 4

Free Header Designs

You can import these header designs by clicking on the Import icon and select "Import from File" (screenshot)

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