We just rolled out several batches of updates to BackupBuddy, our WordPress backup plugin. These updates focused on improving and extending existing BackupBuddy features to make them more robust, reliable and flexible based on how you actually use BackupBuddy.

To take advantage of these new features, update to BackupBuddy version 7.2.1.

New! Files-Only WordPress Backup

One hot new addition is a Files Only Backup Profile. The Files Only Backup Profile now supports backing up from a custom directory root, which is useful for backing up only individual directories without having to default to backing up everything and excluding everything else.


The Files Only Backup Profile unlocks the true power of BackupBuddy’s Backup Profiles since you can now have a scheduled backup that backs up a single directory on your server.

Just like regular WordPress backups with BackupBuddy, your Files Only Backups will be delivered as downloadable zip files (for backups started manually) or can be sent to one of your remote backup storage locations (if running on a schedule).

files only wordpress backup settings

Here’s how the Files Only Backup Profile might be useful to you:

  • Say you store ebooks in a certain directory like /ebooks/. You can now back those up just once a week. Once you create your Files Only Backup Profile, use BackupBuddy > Schedules to set up your once-weekly Ebooks backup.
  • If you have a non-WordPress site in a subdirectory like http://yoursite.com/demo/, you could back up that directory separately from everything else.
  • Back up a frequently-changing directory like 2016 Media Uploads at wp-content/uploads/2016/ daily, while not having to back up the rest of the media that you already have backed up.

More BackupBuddy Core Updates

  • BackupBuddy now automatically backs up and recovers its own plugin settings if they become missing or corrupted due to database or server problems.
  • BackupBuddy access permission setting now supports custom WordPress roles for restricting access.
  • Customize notification emails for clients! BackupBuddy’s HTML email notification template can now be overridden with custom template.
    • To do so, copy the existing default template located at /wp-content/plugins/backupbuddy/views/backupbuddy-email-template.php into your theme directory at /wp-content/themes/backupbuddy-email-template.php.
    • You may then edit this new template file to your liking. Its existence automatically enables using the new template rather than the default.

WordPress Server Tools

BackupBuddy’s WordPress Server Tools also got a few updates.

backupbuddy server tools

  • New PHP memory test to test & verify actual amount of memory available to PHP as many servers misreport this information.
  • New PHP runtime tester added to test & verify actual available PHP runtime as many servers misreport this information.
  • Added WordPress cron tester to verify the WordPress cron is functioning as expected and not blocked by host or malfunctioning due to caching plugins.
  • Added WordPress AJAX loopback test in addition to basic loopback test to verify the host is not blocking any loopbacks.
  • Added new “Delete All Cron Entries” button to Server Tools’ WordPress Schedules (cron) section for clearing out all cron entries for all of WordPress. Useful if a 3rd party plugin bug the cron system with too many entries which sometimes happens.

Stash Live Updates

If you’re using Stash Live for real-time WordPress backups, here’s a recap of new features + enhancements.


  • Daily statistics are now calculated such as the number of files, database tables sent, total size of database tables and files sent per day. You’ll find these displayed under Advanced Troubleshooting Options.
  • Improved performance uses fewer resources resulting in less server impact.
  • Automatic memory detection now calculates memory requirements based on site size and compares to detected server memory limits to catch potential problems before they arise.
  • Advanced Troubleshooting log provides intelligently generated data highlighting potential problems for aiding in troubleshooting and support such as WordPress cron issues, memory problems, etc.

Remote Destination Updates

BackupBuddy’s remote WordPress backup storage locations got a few features + enhancements.


  • Dropbox (v2) remote destination updated to use new Dropbox SDK for improved performance and more robust SSL security.
  • Amazon S3 (v2): Added support for S3 Transfer Acceleration to increase transfer speeds 50%-500% (or even more if sending to buckets out of country) by sending through nearby geographic servers.
  • sFTP: Added support for sFTP key files for improved security and flexibility.
  • New beta S3 (v3), Stash (v3), and Stash Live engine (v3) available adding improved UTF-8 and other non-ascii file support, performance improvements, and enhanced troubleshooting features.

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To take advantage of these new features, update to BackupBuddy version 7.2.1.

Current BackupBuddy, Plugin Suite and Toolkit customers will find the 7.2.1 update available now from the WordPress dashboard. Save time updating all your sites at once and update BackupBuddy from the Sync Dashboard.

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