The latest version of iThemes Security, our WordPress security plugin, includes some notable performance improvements to increase site speed and reduce memory usage.

To take advantage of these performance improvements, you’ll need to update to iThemes Security Pro 3.7.1 and iThemes Security (free) 6.2.0.

Chris Jean, the lead developer of iThemes Security, explained more about the latest round of performance improvements in the plugin:

Performance improvements are a big goal this year with iThemes Security. This release is a good start, but we have plans to improve performance further over the coming months. There are numerous reasons why reducing load time is important, but the main reason is that sites that load faster result in happier visitors. While this isn’t a WordPress security focus in general, it’s still important to behave well on servers.
—Chris Jean, Lead Developer of iThemes Security

To demonstrate the new iThemes Security performance improvements, we generated some real statistical data.

  • We tested with a site that has been running iThemes Security for years (and had built up a lot of data) to look at the performance differences between the latest two versions of the iThemes Security plugin.
  • We tested the difference between the latest versions when installed on a fresh site and ran the Security Scan feature.

In other words, we tested the performance impact on a site running iThemes Security for years and the security impact for a site just starting with Security.

For a site that has run iThemes Security for years*:

  • Query reduction: 14
  • Speed improvement: 91.7%
  • Memory usage reduction: 7.4%

For a site that just started with iThemes Security*:

  • Query reduction: 4
  • Speed improvement: 0 – 9.3%
  • Memory usage reduction: 7.2 – 11.4%
*Note: These stats were generated on the home page of a website running the TwentySeventeen theme.

So what do these numbers mean to you? If you’ve been running iThemes Security on your site for a while, the latest release will reduce page load times for your visitors. If you are just getting started with iThemes Security, welcome! We recently made some improvements that will help keep your site fast and responsive over the years.

And this is just the beginning. We have some big plans to make iThemes Security even faster, so that you don’t have to make tough choices between protecting your site or making it faster.

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All current iThemes Security Pro customers will now find the 3.6.1 update available from the WordPress dashboard (for licensed sites) or as a manual download from the iThemes Member Panel. Save time updating all your sites at once from the iThemes Sync Dashboard.

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