iThemes Sync Pro just got an update that includes some handy WordPress optimization tools for all of the WordPress sites you manage. Each WordPress optimization action removes the clutter from your WordPress database so it can run more efficiently. Optimization tools have been one of the most requested features from Sync users, so we’re excited to roll them out today.

To take advantage of the new WordPress optimization tools in Sync, you’ll need the following:

New WordPress Optimization Actions in iThemes Sync pro

Optimization Action What It Does
Delete Trackback URLs Deletes URLs added to the “pinged” and “to_ping” columns in your posts table.
Delete All Revisions Deletes all revisions from posts, pages, and all other post-types.
Delete All Trackbacks Deletes all trackbacks from other sites stored in your comments table.
Delete All Pingbacks Deletes all pingbacks from other sites stored in your comments table.
Delete All Auto-Drafts Deletes all auto-drafts from posts, pages, and all other post-types.
Delete All Trashed Items Big time-saver! Deletes all posts, pages, menus, and all other post-types that have been trashed but not yet deleted.
Delete Unapproved Comments Deletes all comments waiting to be approved.
Delete Trashed Comments Deletes all trashed comments that have yet to be deleted.
Delete Spam Comments Deletes all comments that have been marked as spam.
Delete Orphaned Commentmeta Deletes all commentmeta that references a deleted comment.
Delete Akismet Metadata Deletes all metadata attached to comments by the Akismet plugin.
Delete Expired Transient Options Deletes all expired transient options in the database.

Using the Optimization Actions in iThemes Sync

From the Sync Dashboard, click on any site in your list. You’ll see a new “Optimize” tab on the individual site view screen.

Note: You’ll need to update the Sync plugin to 1.172.1.

wordpress optimization

Make a backup before you begin.

Before performing any of the WordPress optimization actions, we recommend making a backup of your site. If you’re already using BackupBuddy, our WordPress backup plugin, you can make a backup straight from Sync before you begin.

You can either use the “Run All Optimizations” button or click the actions individually to run. That’s it! Sync will go to work cleaning up your WordPress database.

Why Run These WordPress Optimization Actions?

It’s important to pay attention to the size of your site, the code of your site and the traffic you get on your site. Over time, a WordPress site can get bloated with unnecessary data in your database (such as post revisions, spam comments, trashed posts and pages, etc.) Make sure you are are optimizing your WordPress site to ensure you deliver the best experience for your users. Speeding up your WordPress site can also have a positive effect on your SEO rankings (page speed is a factor considered by Google).

Here’s are a few resources on more ways to optimize your WordPress site :

Tip: Offer WordPress Optimization Services to Your Clients

In addition to WordPress backups, security and updates, you can now add WordPress optimization services to the monthly WordPress maintenance services you offer to clients. We’ll be working on adding WordPress optimization stats to the WordPress maintenance reports you send to clients. Sync Pro’s WordPress Maintenance Reports can already recap stats for theme, plugin and WP core updates, backups, security, SEO and more.

sync pro

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