Creating an effective landing page is essential for any business. Finding the perfect blend of showcasing relevant content, a clear call-to-action while creating an eye-catching layout are key elements when doing this. But for many users, simply having the creative vision isn’t enough – you need the perfect tool to help turn it into a reality. This is where the Themify Builder comes in. It’s the perfect WordPress page Builder with a simple drag and drop interface that’ll allow you to easily build any type of layout. But don’t just take our word for it, allow us to show you how easy it really is! In this article, we’ve created a video tutorial to showcase how you can quickly and easily create an effective landing page using the Themify Builder. The site that we’ll be recreating is from a world-renowned brand who we believe are experts when it comes to creating effective call-to-action layouts – PayPal.

Which design should we recreate next?

We hope you find this tutorial video useful. We plan to make more and would love to hear which layout you think we should recreate next! Leave a comment and include the site URL that you like and we’ll check it out.

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