Thanks to customer feedback, Sync’s Daily WordPress Update Notification Emails just got a facelift. Now, your Sync notification emails have been reorganized to give you a quick summary of all available WordPress updates, plus a list of site-specific updates.

New! Quick-View WordPress Update Summary Bar

In the new email design, we’ve included a new totals summary bar, generated from the stats in your Sync dashboard, to give you an idea of all the updates available at a glance.

sync notification email

Here’s a recap of some of the features of the new email design:

  • In addition to the new summary bar, the total number of updates for each site is posted to the right of each site URL in a yellow box.
  • Compared to the old iThemes Sync update emails, the new design scales down the total length of the email so you can have an immediate visual of the most pertinent information.
  • To declutter some of the space in the email, we also removed “update” buttons from below every site listed. Now, you can find an update button at the top and bottom of the emails. Click either of these buttons to quickly take you to the Sync dashboard to perform your WordPress updates.

Old Email:
Sync email

New Email:
sync notification email

You will find some similarities between the two emails; for example, your Sync sites and updates are still organized in a list that’s helpful for scanning available updates.

We hope you find the new look of your iThemes Sync Update Emails helpful to your workflow and we appreciate your feedback.

Turning On Daily WordPress Update Notification Emails

If you aren’t currently receiving daily update notifications from Sync, you can turn on these emails from your Sync Dashboard. In the top right navigation menu, expand the dropdown below your name. Click the Settings page.

From this page, you can check the box to turn on WordPress update notification emails from Sync, customize the time for delivery, and enter your email address. Click “Save Notification Settings” to save your notification settings.

WordPress update notification

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