Top 23 Music/Artist Themes

Over the years, a theme that has surged in popularity for many users is our Music theme. So for this post, we wanted to give a special shout out to all the artists, musicians, & even agencies that have sent us their creative and unique designs! We’ve compiled our top 23 artist sites powered by our Music theme.

Train the crowd screenshot

1. Train the Crowd

agtvmusic screenshot

2. Ayinde Garry & Triumphant Voices

Sara Routh screenshot

3. Sara Routh

the sums screenshot

4. The Sums

Cerys Mathews Screenshot

5. Cerys Matthews

Stone Diamond screenshot

6. Stone Diamond

Sean C Kennedy screenshot

7. Sean C Kennedy

Undullify screenshot

8. Undullify

City Church Charlotte screenshot

9. City Church Charlotte

Markus Metz

10. Markus Metz

Chillout Cologne screenshot

11. Chillout Cologne

Lalow screenshot

12. Lalow

Taliia screenshot

13. Taliia

Studio 101 screenshot

14. Studio 101

Arundos Quintett screenshot

15. Arundos Quintett

Igor Longhi screenshot

16. Igor Longhi

Tobago Cays Marine Park screenshot

17. Tobago Cays Marine Park

Global Enterprise Network screenshot

18. Global Enterprise Network

Dusk screenshot

19. Dusk

Artist Studio Project Screenshot

20. Artist Studio Project

Luzogbi Screenshot

21. Luzogbi

Junko Honjo Screenshot

22. Jonko Honjo

Solonote Screenshot

23. Solonote

We’ve featured a majority of these sites on our Showcase page, and we have probably missed a lot of other great ones out there. With that said, please submit your site powered by any of our Themify themes so we can feature it on our next post and also place it on our Showcase page.

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