A successful search engine optimization strategy takes time, diligence and applying a “checklist” of SEO best-practices. Your SEO success will be graded by several factors: some are in your direct control and others are influenced by others.

Search Engine Land Periodic Table of SEO Success Factors

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This helpful SEO infographic created by Search Engine Land is a great resource for understanding all the factors that contribute to your SEO success.

These factors are grouped into two categories:

  • On-the-page factors – These factors are in direct control of you, the publisher
  • Off-the-page factors – These factors are influenced by readers, visitors & other publishers

37 SEO Success Factors

On Page SEO


  • Quality – Are pages well written and have substantial quality content?
  • Research – Have you researched the keywords people may use to find your content?
  • Words – Do pages use words and phrases you hope they’ll be found for?
  • Fresh – Are pages fresh and about “hot” topics?
  • Vertical – Do you have images, local, news, video, or other vertical content?
  • Answers – Is your content turned into direct answers within search results?
  • Thin – Is content “thin” or “shallow” and lacking substance?

Architecture Areas

  • Crawl – Can search engines easily “crawl” pages on site?
  • Duplicate – Does site manage duplicate content issues well?
  • Mobile – Does your site work well for mobile devices and make use of app indexing?
  • Speed – Does site load quickly?
  • URLs – Do URLs contain meaningful keywords to page topics?
  • HTTPS – Does site use HTTPS to provide secure connection for visitors?
  • Cloaking – Do you show search engines different pages than humans?

HTML Overview

  • Titles – Do HTML title tags contain keywords relevant to page topic?
  • Description – Do meta description tags describe what pages are about?
  • Structure – Do pages use structured data to enhance listings?
  • Headers – Do headlines and subheads use header tags with relevant keywords?
  • Stuffing – Do you excessively use words you want pages to be found for?
  • Hidden – Do colors or design “hide” words you want pages to be found for?

Off-the-Page SEO


  • Authority – Do links, shares, and other factors make site a trusted authority?
  • Engage – Do visitors spend time reading or “bounce” away quickly?
  • History – Has site or its domain been around a long time, operating in same way.
  • Identity – Does site use means to verify its identity and that of its authors.
  • Piracy – Has site been flagged for hosting pirated content?
  • Ads – Is your content ad-heavy, especially “above the fold”?


  • Quality – Are links from trusted, quality, or respected web sites?
  • Text – Do links pointing at pages use words you hope they’ll be found for?
  • Numbers – Do many links point at your web page?
  • Paid – Have you purchased links in hopes of better rankings?
  • Spam – Have you created links by spamming blogs, forums, or other places?


  • Country – What country is someone located in?
  • Locality – What city or local area is someone located in?
  • History – Has someone regularly visited your site or socially favorited it?
  • Social – Has your site been socially favorited?

Social Areas

  • Reputation – Do those respected on social networks share your content?
  • Shares – Has your content been shared many times on social networks?

Win at SEO: More SEO Training & Resources

Using these important “ranking factors” and best practices, your SEO efforts can lead to success with both search engines and searchers.

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