Content isn’t usually top of mind for a WooCommerce store. You’re selling products or focusing on marketing—and that marketing doesn’t always include content. But integrating content into your WooCommerce store can boost your bottom line.

shayla price Shayla Price is a content expert. She writes content for a range of tech companies including Shopify, Kissmetrics, Drip, Leadpages, HostGator and more. She spoke at the 2016 WooCommerce Conference about using user-generated content to increase sales.

“If content isn’t part of your marketing strategy, you may slowly lose the interest of your audience.” -Shayla Price

We talked with Shayla all about WooCommerce content: mistakes, consistency, and why content makes such a difference. Her answers are concise, but packed with helpful wisdom.

WooCommerce stores are often focused on shipping their products. Why should they care about creating content?

Content marketing is a necessary tool at every stage of the customer journey. Content helps educate potential buyers and retain loyal customers. If content isn’t part of your marketing strategy, you may slowly lose the interest of your audience.

Can you give us an example of how content has boosted income for an e-commerce shop?

While working directly with e-commerce shops, I’ve witnessed how a content marketing pipeline can boost revenue by 25% in a few months. It stemmed from placing content at strategic moments in the customer journey. The right content can nudge reluctant buyers into paying customers.

What’s the biggest content mistake WooCommerce stores are making?

Most WooCommerce stores are failing to integrate customer benefits into their content. It’s great to tell an awesome story, but how does it impact your visitors? It’s important to learn your buyers’ needs, desires, and lifestyles to ensure that they can relate to your products and brand.

A lot of stores (and, well, everybody) have a hard time keeping content updated. What are some ways stores can improve their content creation process to be more consistent?

It all boils down to content planning. You want to create a schedule around your content creation process. Knowing when content is ready to be shipped and who is responsible alleviates internal pressure. It’s also vital that you don’t overload your staff with unrealistic content goals.

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