In this post, we round up 10 cool and useful (oh, and free!) WordPress plugins available on the WordPress Plugin Directory. This month’s WordPress Plugin Roundup includes everything from a knowledge base plugin to simple password protection for WordPress.

1. Domain Check

The Domain Check plugin lets you search domain names, check SSL certificates and HTTPS, set email alerts for domain and SSL expiration, and get daily coupons.

Nathan’s Notes:

  • Monitor all your domain names and SSL certificates from within a WordPress site.
  • Has a bulk importer to grab your domains from a list.
  • Search domains to check availability and WHOIS info.
  • Create email alerts for expiring domains and SSL certificates.

2. No Longer in Directory

The No Longer in Directory plugin checks for installed plugins that are no longer in the Plugin Directory.

Nathan’s Notes:

  • Also identifies plugins that are 2+ years old.
  • Very useful for immediately identifying out of date plugins on an inherited site.

3. Very Simple Password for WordPress

The Very Simple Password for WordPress plugin is a simple and lightweight password protection plugin for WordPress.

Nathan’s Notes:

  • Another way to lock out a live site, but allow viewing without creating users.
  • One password lets anyone view the site.
  • Great way to hide a completed site before client approval.
  • Customize logo and background, and other options on settings page.

4. Content Locker

The Content Locker plugin is the fastest way to grow your social media traffic and mailing list by locking your WordPress content.

Nathan’s Notes:

  • Easy to set up with multiple social networks
  • Choose to require social action or provide sign in information to access content
  • Just create the locker and wrap content with the shortcode the plugin provides
  • Beautiful right out of the box

5. Attributes Class ID Rel Title for WP-links

The Attributes Class ID Rel Title for WP-links plugin allows you to specify rel=”nofollow”, “title”, “class” and “id” attributes for links in visual (TinyMCE) editor.

Nathan’s Notes:

  • Extends the existing link function in TinyMCE.
  • IMHO, better than the “Extend Link” plugin we featured previously
  • Add a button class easily within the standard link dialogue.

6. Knowledge Base for Documents and FAQs

The Knowledge Base for Documents and FAQs plugin allows you to organize your documentation with the extendable Knowledge Base plugin. Easy to use, flexible and professional.

Nathan’s Notes:

  • Simple settings allow you to easily configure colors, layout and labels.
  • Creates a custom post type for KB documents.
  • Very good search feature.
  • Nicely responsive.

7. WP Nag Hide

The WP Nag Hide plugin allows you to hide those pesky annoying plugin notifications and inline warnings at the top of all admin pages.

Nathan’s Notes:

  • Does an excellent job hiding annoying nag notices.
  • Settings allow you to hide nags but not warnings and select which plugins are blocked.
  • Remember though… sometimes we need to be nagged…

8. WP Cron Pixie

The WP Cron Pixie adds a little dashboard widget to view the WordPress cron.

Nathan’s Notes:

  • A super handy little plugin if you’ve ever been mystified by the WordPress Cron.
  • Run cron jobs by clicking the arrow icon in front of it.

9. Flexy Breadcrumb

The Flexy Breadcrumb plugin is a super light weight plugin that is easy to navigate through current page hierarchy.

Nathan’s Notes:

  • Display breadcrumb with shortcode, like [flexy_breadcrumb]
  • Easy settings page gives you access to all the options.

10. Embed Video Thumbnail

The Embed Video Thumbnail plugin allows you to automatically replace embed videos everywhere with their thumbnail to reduce page load time and improve your GTmetrix score.

Nathan’s Notes:

  • Excellent plugin for a video-heavy site.
  • Works with YouTube, Vimeo and DailyMotion videos.
  • Requires the Redux framework (free download as part of the installation process).
  • You might need to do a little CSS tweaking depending on how your theme handles responsive images.

Bonus: Hello Poppet This Month’s Obligatory Hello Dolly Clone

The Hello Poppet plugin adds a random quote from Pirates of the Caribbean, all 4 movies, in the upper right of your admin screen on every page.

Nathan’s Notes:

  • Why fight when you can negotiate?

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This post is based on the March 2017 Plugin Roundup webinar by Nathan Ingram. In this webinar, Nathan demonstrates how to use each of these plugins so you can get a better idea of how they work. Check out the entire series of monthly WordPress Plugin Roundup posts here.

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