WordPress project management offers organization. It produces an easier overall process, which results in more efficient workflow. In this post, we discuss how WordPress project management could be beneficial for you and your business.

WordPress Project Management

What is WordPress Project Management?

Deadlines, schedules and poor communication got you down? You can definitely benefit from WordPress project management.

Like regular project management, WordPress project management helps WordPress businesses and users organize their clients, projects and workload.

With a solid system in place for project management, you can be certain of what is expected of you and the timeline available to complete your work.

Different Types of WordPress Project Management

WordPress project management allows you to create an organizational system across multiple areas.

Discover all the different ways you can use WordPress project management to add organization to your project load.

  • Organization – Keep track of what needs to be done when. Don’t let anything slip through the cracks again.
  • Deadlines – Juggling multiple deadlines can get crazy, and that’s where project management really shines. Don’t get caught forgetting about a project deadline. Let a WordPress project management system organize your priorities based on deadlines and receive alerts about upcoming due dates.
  • Collaborate – Collaboration is invaluable to certain projects. Some systems restrict that interaction to your team, while others invite outside clients into the process. Additionally, some systems keep an archive of collaborative conversations.
  • Reporting – This feature is popular among clients because it provides a report of the project status to clients so they can feel informed and heard.
  • What Do You Manage? – What are you looking to manage? Do you want to-do lists, milestones, a place to schedule deadlines, a place to track conversations, a place to upload files? Decide which features you need and which ones you don’t.

How Can WordPress Project Management Best Benefit You?

There are a few different ways to approach WordPress project management. Decide which one fits your needs best.

Think about a few questions to decide which approach will benefit you the most.

Internal vs. External

Are your WordPress project management needs internal team-based only, or do you need to consider external partners like clients?

Internal WordPress project management’s purpose is to assist your team with project, schedule and deadline organization. It can also offer a venue for your team to collaborate. The iThemes team prefers Trello, but there are loads of WordPress project management options out there, such as Basecamp.

External WordPress project management refers to the inclusion of outside parties such as clients. Maybe you have a business model that allows the client to collaborate with you and your team during the project process. Or you need to set up a system to communicate the status of a client project.

Front End vs. Back End

Do you need a smooth, polished look on the front end? Or something for yourself on the back end?

If clients need to be able to participate, you will need a polished front end view that is user friendly.

If it is just something for you and your team, backend will serve your purposes well.

Single vs. Multiple Projects

Do you need to keep your projects separated, or do you want to see details across all your projects?

For example, do you need each project to have it’s own space for tasks, deadlines and collaboration?

Or, would you rather have all projects bundled together in order to prioritize which ones need to be completed first?

WordPress Project Management Tools

WordPress project management

WP Customer Area is a modular all-in-one solution to manage private content with WordPress.

Available Features:

  • Secure customer area
  • Private pages available to assign to particular users
  • Private files available to assign to particular users
  • Customizable appearance
  • Invoicing
  • Conversations
  • & More!

WordPress project management

The WordPress Project Management plugin manages your project load simply with relevant tools and options. It gives you the taste of a full-fledged project management solution, just inside your loved WordPress.

Available Features:

  • Set titles and details for projects
  • Assign users to projects
  • Collaboration
  • Unlimited to-do lists
    • List progress bar
    • Assign users
    • Create due date
  • Milestone
    • Upcoming
    • Completed
    • Late
  • File attachments
  • & More!


With the project & document management plugin you can organize, manage client, student & supplier documents and accounts, control individual documents, and select specific distribution of documents all in an easy to manage online process.

The plugin also demonstrates how quickly a business can take hold of their interactions with clients, sales organization, vendors, and all in between.

Available Features:

  • Upload and Manage Files
  • Secure documents
  • Support for many different languages
  • Advanced email editor
  • SSL support
  • Unlimited nesting of folders
  • Unlimited files for users
  • & More!

How Should You Organize Your Workload?

Successful project management requires different skills and tasks to be implemented. Use the checklist below as a basic structure for your project loads.

  • Identify the project.
  • Define all project details and requirements.
  • Define specific milestones and assign deadlines.
  • Welcome beneficial collaboration.
  • Manage project risks.
  • Assign tasks to appropriate team members.
  • Use clear, effective communication with team members and clients.

13  Project Management Terms to Know:

The following terms are associated with project management. Knowing them will help you know what to look for in successful project management.

  • Purpose – Define your goals and what you’re trying to achieve.
  • Goal – Assign specific tasks and deadlines associated to goals.
  • Capabilities – Assign project tasks to those who are skilled and dependable.
  • Resources – Identify required resources.
  • Decisions – Choose the right people to make the best possible decisions at all the critical junctures.
  • Debates – Analyze the situation from all angles and consider all the factors. Instigate healthy debate to hear options from all sides.
  • Target Date – Define a target deadline,  and dates up to that point when certain tasks should be completed.
  • Exploration – Weigh pros and cons before deciding on a final solution.
  • Priorities – Constantly review priorities, understanding that they can often change.
  • Transparency – Pay attention to who is getting work done on time and who is having trouble. Identifying tasks that are behind schedule allows you to solve issues before they get out of hand.
  • Accountability – Teams share accountability, this way no one feels alone on the project.
  • Critical Path – This refers to the longest pathway to achieve a result that requires numerous processes.
  • Red Flags – Create an environment that welcomes sharing genuine concern about projects.

More On WordPress Project Management

iThemes offers webinars over WordPress Project management. Additionally, you might find our Ultimate WordPress Checklist to be useful to your project load.

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